29th May 2011 – Sunday

No morning walk today. We decided to take a tour of Glenkinchie  Distillery (minus H, G and Ludlu). Went by bus to Penkatland and called for taxi. Since taxi was to take half an hour, we decided to walk down.

On the way we met a gentlemen called Allen and his wife, who confirmed that it’s a 20 minutes walk. After few yards decided to call a Taxi since it was windy and Chinga was with us. Allen and his wife met us again and it was a very kind gesture of Allen who went home, got his vehicle and gave us lift till Distillery.

The tour of Distillery was very good. The entire process of manufacturing Single Malt Whisky was explained to us. We could also test two different single malts within tour fees amount. All of us purchased the Single Malts. We called for a taxi for our return.

The taxi driver, Thomas, was a gentleman who took us to a proper place where good food was available. Had lunch at 4 PM in Kashmiri Hotel (food was not so good).

Back home at 7 PM.


28th May 2011 – Saturday

No morning walk today. We all went to St. Andrews (MKP and Chinga stayed back).

It’s a small town with lot of historical sites like one of the oldest university (Prince William and Kate studied here), Cathedral, Coastal Walk, Madras College, Golf Courses etc.

Had good time walking around town and were back home at 8 PM.

27th May 2011 – Friday

It is a big day for all of us as it is KP’s birthday today. He completes 32 yrs. What a wonderful son he is, takes a lot of care of us as well as G and P. (Datta Guru – kisiki nazar na lage).

MKP has planned Good Lunch/Dinner (biryani, Pomfret, Prawns, Bombils etc) with lots of alcohol. She went out after lunch and bought Baloons and other decorative items to surprise KP.

She also baked a cake for KP.

H fell down from chair and has managed to fracture her small finger by mid morning. It got swollen by evening and we took her to the hospital where fracture was confirmed. Came back from hospital at 11 PM.

We all were disappointed, mainly MKP who had taken lot of pains to celebrate KP’s Birthday. Anyway we had wine and dinner after 11 PM and celebrated the big day.

26th May 2011 – Thursday

For morning walk went to ASDA Mall to buy sleeping bags (provision to sleep considering visit of Ashish and family), from there went to Salisbury to buy mutton. G / P went to Holyrood Park with Ishan. Had rest in the afternoon and again went for a walk. Bought Bombil from Royal Shop, MKP was delighted but it turned out to be some kind of Mandeli from south india.

25th May 2011 – Wednesday

Today again morning walk and to Sainsbury’s for few items.

Cleaned Prawns for Khichadi. It was good lunch.

Watched IPL SF between Mumbai and Kolkata. All of us went to Matalan for shopping. It’s a huge shop only for clothes. G/P & KP/MKP did some shopping. Back home through Sainsbury’s to buy some wines.

Good food/drink and to bed at 11.30

24th May 2011 – Tuesday

The weather was than earlier two days.

I went for my morning walk and then to Sainsbury’s for shopping. Back home had BF and decided to be at home to watch SF match of IPL between Chennai and Bangalore

It was a thrilling match, which Chennai won. G/ P went to princess street for shopping.

23rd May 2011 – Monday

It was again one of the rainy and stormy day.

G / P (without Ludlu) went for Highland Tour at 6.30 am.

After lunch I got bored and decided to go to Royal Mile alone.

I got into bus number 33 on the wrong side. I went till the last stop of bus and came back.

Anyway, I could watch beautiful scenery from bus of different area of Edinburgh.

22nd May 2011 – Sunday

Today was an exciting day.

We went to the Fourth Rail Bridge. We booked our tour from Waverley Bridge. The bus took us from Waverley Bridge to Hawes Pier from where we took a boat ride.

MKP opted to stay back with Chinga since she had already seen the site. It was good bus journey with grand scenery on both side and also running commentary. The Fourth Bridge site was stunning with vast sea and two wonderful bridges on it. The bridge for railway is a masterpiece, the other bridge is for vehicles.

The cruise lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The sea was rough and some time frightening. The Ichcom Island side was too good but could not go there since it was last round for the cruise.

It was a real adventures and enjoyable experience for us.

21st May 2011 – Saturday

Today we decided to go to Loch Lomond. KP and MKP googled and mapped out the route, train timings etc. We thought it would be simple.

We went to Stirling by train. It was windy and rainy day. On enquiring further, we realised the timings were not suitable for a day trip. Taxis/cars could not be booked at a short notice and private coaches don’t allow kids below 3 years.

Instead of Loch Lomond, we went to Glasgow. It was raining there too.

We took a hop on hop off bus tour of the city. Due to the constant rain, we didn’t hop off the bus.  It’s a commercial city and not much to see except some of historical buildings and parks, golf grounds. Back home at 8 PM

Overall a very disappointing day.

20th May 2011 – Friday

Today is Sankashti Chaturti.

I went for my morning walk to Gorgie Park. It’s a good place for kids with lots of birds, sheeps, ponies etc along with play area for kids. I bought king size potatoes.

G, P with Ludllu decided to go to the Edinburgh Zoo. They came back disappointed since all animals in zoo were sleeping due to the cold breeze.

H prepared Sabudana Wada & Batata Kachara for Upwas.

In the evening went to TESCO mall with KP and MKP. Back home, watched IPL match of MI but was disappointed since MI lost.